What is the Value of Quarterbacks at #1 Pick in the 2010’s?

When you think of a #1 draft pick, it should be the best player available or the top player at the top need for the team holding the pick. Four quarterbacks have been drafted #1 overall in the NFL Draft from 2010-2016. The picks are ideally ones that should turn franchises around from losing teams to winning teams in about three to five years. The purpose of this blog post is to analyze the four quarterback picks from 2010-2016 and to see if the #1 pick in 2017 should be a quarterback and if so, would that pick make an immediate impact.

#1 NFL Draft Picks- Quarterbacks (2010-2016)


Player Team
2010 Sam Bradford (Oklahoma) St. Louis Rams
2011 Cam Newton (Auburn) Carolina Panthers
2012 Andrew Luck (Stanford) Indianapolis Colts
2015 Jameis Winston (FSU) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2016 Jared Goff (California) Los Angeles Rams

Analysis of the Picks:

2010- Sam Bradford: Bradford won the Heisman Trophy at Oklahoma in 2008. The season after, he hurt his shoulder causing him to miss most of the season. He took a gamble by entering the draft and the Rams paid off his gamble. However, since being drafted, Bradford has played for three teams. He played four seasons with the Rams, only playing two full seasons. In 2015, he went to the Philadelphia Eagles via trade for QB Nick Foles. Bradford went 7-7 in 14 starts. After the Teddy Bridgewater injury, Bradford was traded to the Minnesota Vikings where he went 7-8 in 2016. Bradford could not stay healthy for the Rams and has failed expectations as a veteran for the Eagles and Vikings. Injuries have plagued his career and it was something we could see coming since his injury in 2009.

2011- Cam Newton: Newton has been the face of the Panthers since he was drafted. It was clear-cut the Panthers were going to select Newton, especially since Jimmy Clausen and Matt Moore were not the answers in 2010. Newton is an athletic player who can scramble and deliver the deep ball. This was a no-brainer for the Panthers who since drafting Newton have a record of 51-40-1 when he starts and an NFC Championship in 2016. Newton has been selected to three Pro Bowls and one First-Team All-Pro.

2012- Andrew Luck: The Indianapolis Colts knew a passing of the baton would happen in 2012. The question was would they take Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. The Colts went with the Stanford product who has given the Colts great results. The Colts have had winning seasons when Luck starts including three 11-5 regular season records from 2012-2014. Besides the injury to Luck in 2015, the Colts found their best option to replace an older Peyton Manning.

2015- Jameis Winston: Another year with a toss-up of who would be the #1 pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota. However, they took the Florida State product in Winston. Winston is making quick strides as a starter in the NFL. Part of this is the tremendous drafting and team-building by the Buccaneers front office. Let’s not discount Winston’s ability as a passer. Fifty Touchdowns and 33 Interceptions in his career, but has seen an increase in passer attempts and completions from rookie year to second year. Winston will be the franchise quarterback and I could see him leading the Bucs to the playoffs in 2017.

2016- Jared Goff: Make it a third toss-up at the #1 spot, this time between Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. The Los Angeles Rams traded for the #1 pick and two more picks and gave away six picks in the first, second, and third rounds in 2016 and 2017. They grabbed Goff and early indications seem like they made a mistake. Goff has started his career 0-7 with five touchdowns and seven interceptions. I see Goff being like Bradford for the Rams, but with a new head coach and Todd Gurley in the backfield, they may be able to improve sooner rather than later. I do not think Goff will be the reason for possible success, but time will tell.

(Any stats and records found at Pro Football Reference)

Will we see a QB taken at #1 in the 2017 Draft?

Sports Illustrated Now hosts give their opinion on if the Browns should take a QB at #1:


NFL Fans will watch and see if the Browns will select a potential franchise quarterback on April 27 in Philadelphia, P.A.


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